Pyronix TMD15 Confirmed Dual Technology & PIR Grade 3 Detector

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PYRONIX TMD15 Confirmed Dual Technology Grade 3 Detector.

TMD15 offers outstanding detection performance with optimum reliability designed to meet the latest industry regulations. It offers 15m volumetric coverage in both PIR lenses which makes it ideal for hostile environments.


  • 2 dual element pyroelectric sensors
  • 1 X-band DRO based microwave
  • 15m PIR detection range
  • 1-15m adjustable microwave detection
  • Anti-masking detection 0-1m
  • Adjustable mask detection
  • Separate relay outputs for each detector
  • Selectable EOL (End Of Line) resistors
  • Selectable TMD or Tricover Anti-Blocking Technology
  • Digital Temperature Compensation