Business CCTV Installation in London have become very popular over the years with London’s growing crime rate CCTV in London homes are a crucial part to Business security systems. CCTV cameras installed in Businesses have seen a high demand with Businesses, helping reduce crime, anti-social behaviour, loss prevention, fraud, and vandalism.

To ensure that your premises is fully protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We offer wired, wireless and hybrid alarm and CCTV systems which is a combination of both wired and wireless devices best suited to the level of security and safety protection required.

  • Wireless CCTV camera
    Wireless CCTV is ideal for situations where cable cannot be run directly between camera and recorder but a source of power is available.
  • IP Camera
     IP cameras can detect motion, smoke, heat, count people, object entry/ exit, Object entry/ removal detection.
  • HD CCTV Camera
    High Definition CCTV is transmitted in TVI, CVI, AHD and SDI signals. CCTV cameras are available in various types but features remain the same
  • Wired Intruder Alarm system Installation
    We install a fully wired smart security and safety system using the latest technology with the flexibility of a wide range of wired devices.    
  • Wireless Intruder Alarm Installation
    Being fully wireless, the detectors and sensors are fitted with minimal fuss or mess, which allows you to quickly have a fully installed security and safety system without the need to re-decorate, remove carpets or drill to install cables.
  • Intruder Alarm Upgrade hybrid system
    All of our intruder alarm installations meet the required European and British Standards.

Please be aware that the first activation of a device is known as an unconfirmed activation and the second is known as a confirmed activation. This is to stop false or accidental alarms being responded to by the police. In the event of a panic button or fire device being activated the alarm monitoring centre will action emergency response instantly.

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